Select the corresponding upgrade version given to you by your Tab Wizard rep
WARNING:  Alaska customers will be required to enter a new registration number.  For assistance, please call us at 253-856-1945
  1. Obtain a usb drive and insert into your personal/office computer
  2. Download the appropriate link below to your usb drive
  3. Insert the drive into the Tab Wizard computer
  4. Select:  Main  >  Exit to Windows
  5. Double-click "My Computer" or "Computer" located on the Desktop
  6. Locate and Double-click your usb drive
  7. Select and Double-click the dowloaded file
  8. Select 'Ok' and close all the windows
  9. Double-click Tab Wizard located on the Desktop
  10. Call Tab Wizard for a new Registration code
  11. 253-856-1945
Single Station
(One Computer)
(Most common)
Network Stations
(Two or More Computers)
(Most common)

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