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Clerk Setup

  • Pull Tabs:  >Settings >Clerk Setup

  • Food & Beverage: >Settings >Setup >Clerk Setup

  1. >Add >Enter Clerk Name >OK

  2. >Enter Clerk Initials >OK

  3. >Enter New Password >OK

  4. >Confirm New Password >OK

  5. >Repeat Steps as Needed >Exit

If a password is forgotten, the Manager or Leader administrators can change the clerk password. The admin accounts can view all clerk passwords via the >Show button.

1. Select a >Clerk Name

2. Select >Edit

3. >Enter Old Password>OK

4. >Enter New Password>OK

5. >Exit

Clerks can also be disallowed to open the Cash Drawer:

1. Select a >Clerk Name

2. Select the button >Cash Drawer

3. >Exit.