Attention WA & AK customers moving equipment w/o consent 

Tab Wizard is currently under a lot of technical support issues related to our customers moving equipment around to make it simpler to work under the governors' strict orders.  We understand that and are here to help, however, Tab Wizard is not under any obligation to support those locations moving the Tab Wizard equipment around and trying to move it back to the original or new location.  Should any item be broken, unplugged incorrectly, not powering on, dismantled, or abused in any way, Tab Wizard is not responsible and will treat all customers Support or No Support fairly and the same.  We must present a fee for doing this type of work as we do not give consent for the support of equipment altered from the date of install.

If you need assistance, please call 253-856-1945 and have your credit card ready.  There is a $65 labor fee plus a 10% sales tax fee along with a card processing fee of $0.50 = $72.00.  If we need to come to your location for this work and you do not have a support plan, the cost is $125/hr.  Support customers will be charged a one time $125 fee for onsite service.

Tab Wizard cannot guarantee a repair over the phone as we do not know of its current condition but we will do all in our power do make it work the best we can.

Thank you for your understanding


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