Tab Wizard Hard-to-Find Items / Settings

Food & Beverage:

Menu Pricing

  1. Select: Main  >  Setup  >  Product Setup

  2. Select Print from the Right side of the screen

Note:  The menu is only viewable via print format. 

Note:  You will need approximately 15-50 pieces of paper depending on your menu size

Note:  Some printers can not handle the memory and therefore may not print

Cleared Items Report (Discrepancy report).


There are (3) three locations where the Cleared Items report resides as well as a report for Date Range selection:

Daily Report (Same day report)

  1. Select:  Report  >  Daily Reports  >  X Report, Shift Report or Z Report

  2. Locate the Cleared Items button on the bottom of the screen

Date Range Report (History report):

  • Select:   Report  >  Special Reports Cleared Items


How to Void / Refund a WizChip

Note: Always remember that WizChips remain active in the system once sold and must be deactivated, even if the chip was a mistake and needs to be voided.

  1. Select WizChipIn located at the top left of the screen.

  2. Scan or Manually Enter the code from the WizChip

  3. Locate and select the original WizChip item from the menu

  4. Select Void (a refund amount will be displayed)

  5. Select Accept and do not take money out of the drawer unless intended

How to Upsell a WizChip

Use the same method as above "How to Void a WizChip" however, after Step 4 (Void) above, select the Higher priced menu item from the menu

Select: Sell (there will be a balance owed from the customer)