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2019 has been a good year for building.  Currently:  Version: 2020.0112

  • Credit Card Transaction Fees!    You can now charge your customers a transaction fee if needed based off a percentage or same fee amount per transaction.

  • Kitchen/Bar Receipts!    Now are more organized with bigger font for easy readability.

  • Gift Card Integration!    Take Gift Cards and track balances and liabilities.

  • More Security!    More security password protection has been added to both Food/Beverage as well as Pull Tabs.

  • Order a Double!    There has been added a new Double button for double shots.

  • Separate Checks Indicator!  The Separate Checks button now flashes when a table has more than one check.

  • Reporting Fixes!  We are continuing changing the look of our reports to make them even more readable.

  • Online Reporting!  You can now retrieve reports online and when you're on the go.

  • Data Storage Online Backup!  Protect your data online in the event of catastrophe.

  • Pull Tabs (AK Version)!  Receipt update and Player Record Edit.

  • Pull Tabs (PA Version)!  Added "Quick Add"

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements!

  • More on the way!

On The Horizon...

  • Pull Tab Player Tracking

  • Membership

  • Loyalty Program

  • More!

If you have any ideas you would like to see in the Tab Wizard software, please, let us know!  Check out our new Blog site and give us your ideas.  We can't do this alone!

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