A Sample Count is needed when numbers just don't seem to add up correctly and you need to find out the weight of an individual ticket to do other calculations like Game Start, Game Status & Pull Game Weights.

  1. Count 100 tickets

  2. Turn on the scale and set it to Pounds

  3. Tare the scale to 0.000Lbs

  4. Place 100 tickets on the scale platter

  5. Enter the weight below

What is Dry Out Factor?

When a pull tab ticket bag is first opened, the moisture from the bag is instantly released and the tickets lose weight.  It takes an average of 2 to 3 days to lose maximum moisture.  When the game is put into play, it's weight will be effected by the Dry Out Factor on average of .030 lbs.  This weight should be added back into the ending weight for ticket accuracy.  Use the Dry Out Factor to determine your ending weight.

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