Adjusting Sales Tax:  Food & Beverage
Sales Tax Liability Report:
Start Date
End Date
Tax Rate Setup:
Attaching Sales Tax to Product:
1. Select Tax Type: (default Type 1
2. Is tax included in the full price?

Understanding Tax Types

Tax Type:  No Tax
This option is used for items that no tax is collected or reported.
Note:  Tax Type 1 & 2 are no different from each other however, Tab Wizard allows the option to better track tax included vs tax not included.  Tax Type 1 can be used (for example) as Tax Included Items and Tax Type 2 can be used (for example) for Tax Not Included items.  Most users select and mix both tax types into one categorie as Tax Type 1 combined.
Tax Type:  Tax Type 1
Tax Type:  Tax Type 2
This option is required if tax is required to be reported.
This option is optional and can be used to report Tax Included vs Tax Not Included

Understanding Tax Included / Tax Not Included

Tax Included: Yes
Tax Included: No
Tax is added but is reversed from the total price and reported as sales tax
Tax is added on top of the total price and reported as sales tax above

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