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Current Build 2021.0620


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2021 upgrade features as of June 21, 2021.  We are currently testing each feature to provide you with trouble-free integration.


Pull Tabs


  • Tickets Left Counter:  The game grid screen now has a "Tickets Left" toggle button that calculates and displays Tickets Remaining based off Actual Sales.

  • Weigh All Games Report update:  Added a new Clear button to the number pallet

  • Tare Weight: Hide/Show (Optional):  Because the Start and End Tare are sometimes conflicting from user input, we have made an option to hide or show all Tare Weights except in critical areas.

  • Add Game Receipt:  When putting a game into play, a new Add Game Receipt will print with the Bowl number, game Name, State ID, Start Weight, Tare Weight, Net Weight, Piece Weight, Ticket Count, Date, Clerk.  Simply staple this receipt to the flare if desired


Food & Beverage


  • Open Tables Button (Optional):  There is now an option to hide the “Open Tables” button in the event sales are meant to work as Direct Sales only.

  • Hide Menu Buttons (Optional):  Ability to hide random menu Category (blue) buttons.

  • Cash Tender: Hide Payment Types (Optional):  Option to hide CashTender: Charge Button / Check Button / Gift Card Button

  • Gift Card – Subtract Value:  New button to subtract value from a gift card if an amount needs to be voided from the card.

  • Expanded Tabs:  Expanded the Open Tables from the limited 60 notepads to now having 4 pages for a total of 240 customer tabs.




  • No Sale Security (Optional):  Optional feature to add a comment or shortcut key when selecting "No Sale" in pulltab or food / Bev to allow the clerk to make a comment as to why the drawer is opening so much.  It will print a receipt for management records

  • No Sale Security (Optional):  Added reason for no sale to a 20 min characters in Transaction Journal as well as Cleared Items Report.

  • Password Security:  Added more password security throughout the system

  • PDF Reporting:  Added more reports to pdf recording:  Game Status Report / Cleared Items / Paid Out / WizChip: Redeemed, Opened, Expired


Bug Fixes / Feature Updates


  • Put Pulled Game Back Into Play:  When a password was set for Put Pulled Game Back into Play, a runtime 5 would occur.

  • Games Pulled / Monthly P&L Message:  When no games have been pulled during a selected time period, the default message "No Data Found" has now been updated to: "A Report cannot be generated because no games were pulled during the selected time period.  for verification, run a Pulled Game report for the same time period."

  • Punchboard Dispensers: When adding a game, an error occured stating there was no open punchboard dispensers available.

  • Schedule D Report:  (AK) Schedule D: Export Button missing

  • Profit / Loss Report:  Profit/Loss: Navigation buttons missing

  • Adjust Game in Play:   (WA State Only) When a user selected Adjust Game in Play and premeturely exits the screen, a message displayed "

  • Exit Buttons:  Some Exit buttons were not available in areas of the program and are now fixed.

  • Weigh All Games Report update:  Added a new Clear button to the number pallet

  • Weigh All Games Report (Fixed)  Fixed issue with not saving weight on Previous Screen

  • Manual Game Loading update:              When a game is loaded manually into inventory, the popup message "Form number could not be found" is now removed.