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What's New in 2021!

Current Build 2021.1213


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Food & Beverage

  • Removed check number after table in the header of the bar/kitchen/extra receipt

  • New button to subtract value from a gift card

  • Password for Gift Card: Subtract Value

  • This build contains one change to suppress the discarded direct sale receipt.

  • Daily Clerk and Daily Shift Reports now print to PDF.

  • Custom Product Report now prints a list of selected logs.

  • Added updated menu bitmap

  • Product Report (Custom) If you select a date range that doesn't have any logs in the custom product sales report, you will get an error that there is no data

  • Added PDF output to:

    • Product Report: Default

    • Product Report: Custom)

    • Daily: Clerk

    • Daily: Shift


Pull Tabs (Tab Wizard)

  • Gambling Daily Clerk and Daily Shift Reports now print to PDF.

  • Add Game Receipt. Added the requested registry setting to control printing of the Add Game Receipt.

  • Ohio/PA: The following screens should show a new "ideal merchandise" value rather than the cumulative amount of merchandise payouts entered through the sales screen.

    • Scan Game / Enter Game from Keyboard

    • Adjust Game in Inventory

    • Put Game into Play

    • Adjust Game in Play

    • Adjust Pulled Game

  • Added PDF output to:

    • Daily Clerk

    • Daily Shift



  • Added a CLEAR button to remove single item password

  • Added a CLEAR ALL button to remove All passwords

  • Added a SHOW/HIDE button to reveal All passwords

  • Added MGR password recovery (Tab Wizard use only)

  • Added three Admin accounts: MGR, LDR, TWT

    • Default password: MGR, LDR

  • Added a new User Account: PDT (Pull Tab Distributor): Distributors are now allowed to access the system using a static password to load games from a USB disk.

    • Default password: PDT

Bugs / Fixes:

  • Ohio: Runtime Error 94 “Invalid Use of Null” when adjusting games in inventory.  This bug had to do with Merchandise games not having a value if imported.

  • Ohio: Runtime Error 3315: Income Disposition report displayed an error when a value was set at 0%

  • Product Report: You can now exit the custom report during the date selection screen

  • Fixed missing bitmap error on X Report (and other reports) caused from adding the new Food/Beverage “Custom” Product Report

  • Password (Exit to Windows):  The “Edit All” button in Food/Beverage & Pull Tabs will not include the "Exit to Windows" password. And is made as a separate entity.

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