PDF report printing

Food & Bev

  • Cleared Items

  • Paid Out

  • WizChip: Redeemed

  • WizChip: Opened

  • WizChip: Expired


Games Pulled / Monthly P&L Message

  • AK, OH & WA Regions

Pull Tabs

  • When no games have been pulled during a selected time period, the default message "No Data Found" has now been updated to: "A Report cannot be generated because no games were pulled during the selected time period.  for verification, run a Pulled Game report for the same time period."


Cash Tender: Hide Payment Types

Food & Bev

  • Hide CashTender: Charge Button

  • Hide CashTender: Check Button

  • Hide CashTender: Gift Card Button

Bug Fix:  OH & PA

Pull Tabs

  • When adding a game, an error occured stating there was no open punchboard dispensers available.

Bug Fix:  System "Exit Buttons"


  • Some Exit buttons were not available in areas of the program and are now fixed.


Password Security

Food & Bev

  • Hourly Sales (Daily)

  • Hourly Sales (Date Range)

  • Inventory Adjustment Log Report

  • Inventory Edit Invoice

  • Inventory Enter Invoice Information

  • Inventory Item Setup

  • Inventory Purchase Log Report

  • Inventory Unit Setup

  • Modifier Setup

  • Paid Out Report

  • Slow Sellers Report

  • Special Setup

  • Top Ten Product Sales Report

  • WizChip Open Report

  • WizChip Redeemed Report

  • WizChip Expired Report


Password Security

Pull Tabs

  • Add Game (All Regions)

  • Pull Game (All Regions)

  • Adjust Invoice Information (All Regions)

  • Disposition Setup (Ohio)

  • Expense Setup (Ohio)

  • Income Disposition Report (Ohio)

  • Quick Add Game (Alaska & Ohio)

  • Schedule D (Alaska)


Password Security

Pull Tabs

  • Enter Game From Keyboard

  • Enter Invoice Information

  • Games in Inventory Report

  • License Information

  • Purchase Log Report

  • Scan Game

  • Weigh All Games


Password Security

Pull Tabs

  • Games on Hand Report

  • Games on Hold Report

  • Game Search Report

  • Hold Game

  • Move Game

  • Put Pulled Game Back into Play

  • Put Returned Game Back into Inventory

  • Weigh Game


Bug Fix

Pull Tabs

  • (AK) Schedule D: Export Button missing

  • Profit/Loss: Navigation buttons missing

  • Updated Software Copyright Date 


Fix: Put Pulled Game Back Into Play. Password

Pull Tabs

  • When a password was set for Put Pulled Game Back into Play, a runtime 5 would occur.  -Fixed

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