What's New in 2022!

Tab Wizard continues to grow and always on the move!  We never stop bringing you more features and benefits.  Our software has been growing since 1995 and continued to build upon the success or our customers and their business needs.

Latest News - Arrow International Aqcuires Tab Wizard Inc

As of December 18, 2021, Arrow International has purchased all shares and assets and has taken ownership of Tab Wizard Inc.  Arrow International is a big step forward as Tab Wizard will remain the "Number One Pull Tab Management System in America" and will continue to bring our users the best experience possible.  Check out more HERE

Current Build 2022.0522-Unreleased

Currently, Tab Wizard is integrating the Arrow products to work side-by-side with the Tab Wizard software.  We have continually been adding features to the original Tab Wizard however, our current efforts focus on the reliability of working with Arrow International and the product and services they will offer to new customers as well as existing Tab Wizard software users.  Please stay tuned for more information coming soon.  Below, is the current additions to the Tab Wizard system.  We cannot release information at this time of the integration of Arrow International.

Food & Beverage

  • Modifier Setup:  Now prints a pdf if needed

  • Product Setup: Now prints a pdf if needed

  • Department Setup:  Added a new button labeled Price Change "Raise" or "Lower" prices.

  • Cleared Items Report:  Added a "Sort" button


Pull Tabs (Tab Wizard)

  • Added a new "Print" button to the Dispenser Setup screen.  This report also prints a pdf if needed.



  • Button name changes/edits.

    • The top clerk "Exit" button has been renamed to "Logout"

    • The popup menu "Main" has been renamed to "Settings"

    • The popup menu "Main > Exit to Windows" has been renamed to "Settings > Exit

    • New: "E-Bingo" button (OH versions) now appears in OH region modes.  if the Arrow POS software is installed on the system, the E-Bingo button will be activated.  If not, then a message to contact "LBC for more information" appears.

    • Relocated the "Clear" button on the Onscreen Keyboard to the left side of the keyboard

  • There are several new administrator accounts that now bypass secondary passwords. (MGR & LDR)

  • Administrator accounts can view/edit all integrated clerk tips on one screen

  • Administrator accounts logged into the system are now indicated by a flashing red/yello bar on top the screen to indicate full access.  The "Logout" button will turn red while any Administrators are logged in.

  • The Clerk Setup screen now allows the Admin to view all clerk passwords

  • Password Setup screen now allows the Admin to view all system-wide passwords

  • Pull Tab Distributor now has their own access to load games into inventory and logs back out when completed.


Bugs / Fixes / Changes:

  • Pull Tabs (Ohio):  Fixed an issue during Add Game whereas when a Machine Dispenser is used, the system wrongly records the game into a punchboard dispenser fixed.

  • Pull Tabs (Ohio): Income Disposition Runtime Error fixed.

  • Modified the header of the application to make room for Arrow products & services