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Alaska Indoor Sports Distributing

A rumor has been circulating in Alaska from "Alaska Specialty Products: "Tab Wizard is no longer "Tab Wizard" and there is no more support for Alaska customers."

We want to assure you this rumor is not true and Tab Wizard is fully up and running as always.  We continue to build the Tab Wizard software as well as provide great customer service.  In December 2022, Arrow International and Tab Wizard have partnered to give our customers as well as Arrow International better products and service.  There are no future plans to shut down Tab Wizard as we remain successful for over 30+ years.  We thank all our Alaska friends, partners and customers for the great relationships we continue to hold.  Again, thank you! 

Support remains in effect and Alaska customers may still call direct at 253-856-1945.


Tab Wizard.

Alcohol Sales Tax Reporting

Alaska now required to report Sales Tax on Liquor & Alcohol.  Your system is currently set up to add / subtract sales tax from your menu items.  Please click here for instruction to set up Tax Reporting

Alaska State Reporting

The State of Alaska Department of Revenue now requires uploaded versions of Schedule D reports.  The link below will direct to the current online templates.  TabWizard is not affiliated in any way with the State of Alaska Department of Revenue.  The templates supplied are the property of Alaska Revenue.


The TabWizard software has been upgraded to support new Alaska State Regulations and can be upgraded by calling Computer Geeks at 877-302-4335.   With the TabWizard software upgrade,  the scheduleD report can then be imported into the Alaska State Excel format templates.


For the most up-to-date Templates, please visit  Alaska Department of Revenue

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