Welcome!  We want to help you get the most out of managing your Pull Tab investment.  There are a few requirements to be satisfied prior to deliver your system.  We have laid out a plan for your convenience.  When all requirements have been met, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions, install, set up, and train you and your employees.

  • Pull Tab Distributor

  • Pull Tab Licensing

  • Counting Scale

  • Bowls/Containers

  • Games / Inventory

  • Tab Wizard Pull Tab Management


Pull Tab Distributor:  You will need a local Pull Tab Distributor to purchase games and other materials suitable for your business.  Please use the following links for your region:

Pull Tab Licensing Depending on your location, refer to the following:

Counting Scale: Games less than 10,000 tickets can typically get by with a 30lb scale however, larger games need larger bowls and a 60lb scale would be recommended.


Bowls/Containers: You will need to contact your local Pull Tab Distributor to find plastic bowls/containers.


Games/InventoryYou will need to contact your local Pull Tab Distributor to purchase games.


Tab Wizard Pull Tab Management:  After the above criteria has been satisfied, you will need Pull Tab Management software to manage sales and reporting for your business as well as local and state reporting.  Please call us at 253-856-1945 or your local Tab Wizard Sales Rep. https://www.tabwizard.com