You may have been receiving email notifications for quite some time now.  Hopefully, WorldPay has been mailing notifications out to you as well.  If you have not received information about their new changes, you may need to do it immediately.  Tab Wizard is not responsible for customers who have not adhered to WorldPay integration and if any, cancellation of services.  Below is a document image in which Tab Wizard has received via email regarding it's own WorldPay account with WorldPay.  Tab Wizard has cancelled service with WorldPay nearly 3 years ago and is no longer servicing WorldPay customers as well.  Our programming has ceased on current integration and upgrades with WorldPay as of June 2018.

Question:  Will I need to upgrade my equipment for WorldPay?

Answer:  Probably most likely, however, Tab Wizard cannot provide installation/troubleshooting of WorldPay equipment.

Question:  Is Tab Wizard software compatible with WorldPay Integration?

Answer:  No.  Tab Wizard cancelled software integration with WorldPay in June of 2018

Question:  What do I do now?

Answer:  If you would like to continue to process credit cards through the Tab Wizard system, we currently are only working with Heartland Payment Systems.  You can reach out to Tamara Mackey in our Integration Department.  This upgrade will require your system to be compatible with current requirements which are listed below.

Tamara Mackey  |  Tab Wizard Integration Deparment (206) 355-2040  |

Question:  What if I do not want to change processors?

Answer:  You can opt-out from WorldPay and use your personal bank to process cards.  You may also use your own credit card processing company.  You will need to contact Tab Wizard @ (253) 856-1945 and we can disable the current integration.  You will need to contact WorldPay to cancel your account completely.  Tab Wizard will only disable the feature on the system. 

Question:  How can I allow accountability if I use my own processor?

Answer:  After Tab Wizard removes the WorldPay integration, you will then have a new button that will display under "Cash Tender" labeled "Charge" where you can then select card type to distinguish cash redemption types in our reports.

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Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System:

  • Available Disk Space:

  • Memory (RAM):

  • Backup Disk:

  • Tab Wizard Version:

64bit Win 7 Pro, POSReady, 10 Pro



4gb or higher

2019 or higher

Installation Tools & How To

USB Model

How to change port configuration?

How to change Date & Time on receipt?


Driver Software Support

Datacap NETePay Software

EMV Client Software

USB Model