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Tab Wizard Management

Use the Right Pull Targets

The most important thing in pull tab management is when to pull a game.  Knowing when to pull a game down is just as important as knowing when to pull a game up.  Your profit percentages is tied to gross and there is no gross in a dead game.  Tab Wizard's targets are based not only on the odds of the top prizes coming out, but also on the knowledge of how quickly a game dies in the marketplace after being hit.


The targets have nothing to do with the cost of games, local taxes or hunches.  Many of the up targets are listed on the game layouts schematic below.  Games that have lost one of two top tier prizes; two of four top tier prizes; or three of eight top tier prizes should be pulled immediately to maintain a good gross.

Use the Right Bowl Configuration

The number of bowls you decide to use have very little impact on how well your pull tabs will do.  Doubling the number of bowls you have will not double your profit.  It will only double the time your dead games stay in play.  In pull tab management it is not the number of bowls  that you have but what is in them that matters.  The Tab Wizard Bowl Configurations above and below give you everything you need to properly manage your operation.  It tells you what games to put into play; what price tickets to use: when to pull a game up and when to pull a game down.  Most operators should use 10 to 20 bowls.


To sum it up: you pull tab operation should have something for everyone that enters your establisment.  There should be big games, small games, $1.00 games, 50 cent games, 25 cent games and dime games.  Use both cash and merchandise games consisting of step-ups, pic-a-plays, chips, top tickets, three windows, tabbies, jar tickets, and bundles.  As best as possible, there should be no games with the same top tier prizes for this will put them in competition with each other.  Finally, the games should be placed in an orderly manner from big prize, big ticket cost to little prize, little ticket cost.

24 bowl layout

Five Other Bowl Configurations that Will Work for You. 

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