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Put Game into Play
  1. Select GAME >> ADD GAME

  2. Pick game from list of inventory >> ACCEPT

  3. Verify DISPENSER # (change is needed).

  4. Verify pre-filled information is correct

  5. Complete by filling in fields containing Zeros.

  6. Enter a Target weight (desired profit) (simple method is 4 x cost of game).​​

  7. Pull the drawer from bowl as well as any loose items.

  8. Pour tickets into bowl and place on scale.

  9. Enter the STARTING WEIGHT into Tab Wizard.

  10. Select ACCEPT

Pull Game out of Play
  1. Count $ value of winning tickets in drawer.

  2. In Tab Wizard, select REPORT >> GAME REPORTS >> GAME STATUS

  3. Verify the $ Value of Winning tickets matches the OUT column of GAME STATUS

  4. If the values balance select EXIT and proceed to Step 6

  5. If values are unbalanced, skip to How to take a Sample Count below.

  6. Pull the drawer from bowl as well as any other items.

  7. Place bowl with tickets onto scale.

  8. Enter the ENDING WEIGHT into Tab Wizard >> OK.

  9. Verify the ENDING TARE WEIGHT.  Change if necessary >> OK.

  10. The calculation will be displayed at the bottome of the screen.

  11. If final result is satisfactory, select >> ACCEPT.

  12. Pour remaining tickets into bag.

  13. Staple receipt, winning tickets & flare into bag with tickets.

  14. Seal the bag and hold game for State approved amount of hold time.

Sample Count

It is important that if you pull a game and the TabWizard shows your game is over or short by $20.00 or more you take a sample count to verify that the remaining number of tickets is correct

How to take a sample count:

  1. Zero out your scale.

  2. Count out 100 tickets.

  3. Place the tickets on the scale.

  4. Press 100 and push the [sample] button.

  5. Take the tickets off the scale.

  6. Place the empty bag that you are going to put the tickets into on the scale.

  7. Press the [tare] button.

  8. Fill the bag with all remaining tickets and place on scale.

  9. In the “count” window the remaining number of tickets will show.

If the scale shows a different number then you should pull the game and adjust the number as outlined below:


  2. Scan or type in the WSGC (Washington State Gambling Commission Number).

  3. Go to the line that reads [ TICKETS LEFT ]  >> ACCEPT.

  4. Enter the tickets left >> ACCEPT

  5. Proceed to Pull a Game Out of Play, Step 6 above.

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