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Alaska State Reporting

Below are instructions to perform the required Alaska State Reporting within Tab Wizard.

Note:  If your TabWizard computer is not connected to the internet, a USB Thumb drive or equivilent is required to properly transfer data between the Tab Wizard computer to a computer with Internet access.

Step I:    Exporting the State report to a USB Backup drive disk:

1. Plug a USB drive into the computer.


2. Select:  Reports  >  State Reports  > 

    Schedule D

3. Enter the Report Starting Date  >  OK

4. Enter the Report Ending Date  >  OK

Anchor 1

5. Select:  Export Report (a Browse to Save window appears)

6. In the list of items, Select your USB drive. Each drive is labeled accordingly but could differ on each computer.  Select the correct drive. Typically Drive letter (E:) or (F:), followed by  > OK

7. Tab Wizard will prompt where the report file has been located

(Example: E:\Folder).  Select  >  OK  >  Exit

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