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Tab Wizard Hard-to-Find Items / Settings

Pull Tabs:

Q:  Can I make adjustments after I have already Z'd out for the day?

A:  No, once a Z has been finalized, you cannot go back and edit a day.  The X Report is first used to adjust your day accordingly to Payouts.  Then, a Z Report can be finalized.  You can however, adjust the games the following day but must be aware that your day totals may differ the amount you are trying to adjust.

Return Game to Vendor / Distributor

​There may be time(s) when a game is not needed that is sitting in inventory and you need to return it back to the distributor for credit and remove the game from inventory out of the Tab Wizard system.

  1. Select Game > Add Game

  2. Click the "Return" button located at the bottom of the screen

  3. Select the game that you want to return followed by Accept

  4. That's it!

Tares / Dispensers

This is a common problem and will be addressed in the software soon however, there are occassions when a game is pulled and the tare is incorrect.  All tares should Never be changed in the Tab Wizard system except one place: Dispenser Setup.  Every time a game is pulled, you need to verify the empty tare weight of the game dispenser/bowl.  Then, go into Dispenser Setup and adjust the new tare weight.  Never agian change the tare weight in the system any place else (even though the sytem allows).

  1. Select Main > Dispenser Setup

  2. Select the Dispenser you want to add or edit  >  Edit

  3. Select The type of dispenser (ex: Fishbowl)

  4. Select the price type (ex: Cash)

  5. Enter the dispenser weight in pounds (ex: 8.554)

  6. When complete, select > Accept

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