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Pull Tab:  Closing out End of Day
At the end of the day, you need to balance actual Payouts vs Manual Entry Payouts.  Let's face it, people are people, we make mistakes and there is always margin for user error.  Before finalizing the day, we need to compare the two numbers an make adjustments.  
Important!  Never adjust a game from the >Adjust >Games in Play screen unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.  Adjusting a game tells the Gambling Commission they can't trust you.  Remember, the Game History report records everything performed per game.  All adjustments need to be done by a trusted manager and performed the "Tab Wizard" designed method of doing so.
Notice the report image above.  Using this example, we will fix the report.
  1. Navigate to >Report >Daily >X Report.
  2. Select >Print.  Place this piece of paper on the counter with a pencil or pen.
  3. Pull the drawer from Game #1 and tally count all the winning tickets including the smallest of winners.
  4. Is there a difference in your tally count vs the X Report?  If no, move on to Game #2 and so on.
Now, let's look at Game #5 in the example image above.  The report claims there was $5.00 paid out but your tally count only adds up to $3 or maybe it is over and adds up to $10.  What do you do in this case?
1. Subtract the two numbers to get the difference.  Adjust only by doing an Exchange of two separate methods:
  •   if Report = Less than Tally: Select >Game # >difference $2 >Exc >Void >Accept
  •   if Report = Greater than Tally: Select >Game # >difference $5 >Exc >Accept
Repeat the process for each game in the list.  Notice the total NET $ amount will not change as this is Cash needed to be deposited and cannot be changed.​
When completed, perform a Z to finalize the day by selecting
>Report >Daily Reports >Z Report >Accept
In addition, print a Game Status Report and take note of games that need to be pulled
>Report >Game Reports >Game Status
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