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Troubleshooting:  Credit Card

Error: "Local Batch Totals do not Match Server Totals"


"Local Batch Totals do not match Server Totals"  This is caused when the batch has already been accepted by the credit card processor but Tab Wizard did not receive verification and for protection reasons, did not clear the local database.


  1. Call your Credit Card Processor to verify the batch was successfully accepted.

  2. Call Tab Wizard at 253-856-1945 to remotely clear the database.


Credit Card Reciept printed Date is incorrect


Although Tab Wizard does not supply the pin pads, our techs may be able to assist in updating the date.  We are unfamiliar with the pin pads our selves as they come from Heartland who acquires the pin pads from DataCap/NETePay.  The below image was taken from the DataCap website but is only the method of getting into the pinpad management and we do not have a step by step to change the date.  We can however, blind assist you on the phone of the navigation to the date withing the pinpad.  Please call us for assistance.  This is the site login as well:  DataCap / NETePay

Editing the Credit Card Terminal Settings

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